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4Gamechanger Festival | Marxhalle Wien | ab 9.00 Uhr

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4Gamechanger Festival | Marxhalle Wien | ab 9.00 Uhr

weitere Infos: 4gamechanger


Entrepreneurship Avenue: LAB #3 Mentoring at BOKU | BOKU, Peter-Jordan-Straße 82, Wien | ab 18.00 Uhr

Even the very best stand on the shoulders of giants! That’s why we team you up with the “wise wo/men” of the Austrian startup scene – industry insiders and well-known entrepreneurs, who are there to dish out advice and help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to start your business in life sciences, the recruitment market, the manufacturing market or the digital industry – our mentors come from a broad range of backgrounds. We will make sure that you find the perfect fit. Together you will make your idea even more brilliant. In case you haven’t found a team or you are still looking for people to join your team don’t become desperate – visit our Panic Room and everything will be alright.


tecnet pitching days 2017 | Fachhochschule Wieselburg | 13.00 - 17.00 Uhr

tecnet pitching days


Entrepreneurship Avenue CONFERENCE 2017 | Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien | ab 9.00 Uhr



Entrepreneurship Avenue is Europe’s largest student-focused entrepreneurship event series, designed to inspire, encourage and support young people to join the startup scene. Taking place in Vienna, the Entrepreneurship Avenue connects students from a wide variety of Austrian universities with founders, investors and other inspiring minds in the startup scene.

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